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Name:Rashad Durant
Birthdate:Jan 1
What's most important to know about Rashad is that he's a fallen angel who eats emotions. He doesn't have any emotions of his own, but when he feeds off another person (which he can only do when he's near someone in a heightened state of emotion), he shares the feelings with his victim source. Normally it goes away as soon as he's full, but Rashad is addicted a trifle self-indulgent and often overeats, with the result that he can go on feeling that same emotion for a while afterward depending on its strength and on how much he's glutted over-indulged himself. Normal humans won't notice he's doing it; they'll just feel unexpectedly tired. Those with telepathic powers should be able to tell what he's doing, and if they're telepathically powerful they can probably make him stop.

He thinks he's very good at faking appropriate emotional responses, but he's totally not. Also, his other big secret is that he hasn't got any sexual organs, but good luck finding that out.

Rashad is not evil, but he's no longer the lawful good creature he was created to be (and still sees himself as), either. He's something almost worse: a true neutral, a creature out to survive in as much comfort (or at least as little pain) as he can until those who remain in the Heavens and in the Pale bring about the end of the world and take him with it.
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